February Board Meeting Minutes

Akron East High Alumni Association, Inc.
Minutes: February 1, 2024
Attending: Larry Bond, Marsha Bond, Chuck Hayes, Sharon Kerechanin, Kenneth Larson,
Marcia Martz, Mike Oliver, John Stanley, Don Young
Absent: Rochelle Henderson, Mike Nickolich, Walter Noland, Janet Stanley, Sally Thompson
President M. Oliver called the meeting to order at 6:01 PM.
Secretary’s Report (M. Bond substituting for S. Thompson)

  • C. Hayes moved and L. Bond seconded accepting the January minutes as written.
    Treasurer’s Report (L. Bond)
  • Financial Report – All PNC accounts reconciled on Quicken.
    o Checking Account Beginning Balance: $3,139,39. Final Balance: $7,083.63
    § Major Expenses:
  • $1,200 Football Workout Room Equipment
  • $3,000 Scholarship Funding for 3 Renewal scholarships.
    o Money Market Account. Beginning Balance: $55,776.96. Final Balance:
    § Major Expenses:
  • Transfer to Checking Account $2,0000
    § Major Income:
  • Interest Income: $197.86
    o A VENMO portal is now active for anyone wishing to make cash transfers from
    their own checking accounts to the Akron East Alumni Association Inc account.
    We are listed as a Charity. This can be used as an alternative to PayPal.
    Communications (M. Oliver)
  • M. Oliver stated the January Board Meeting Minutes were posted on the website as well
    as on Facebook.
  • There were no nominations for February “Spirit Wins Award” and so there will be none
    listed for the month on Facebook and website.
  • K. Larson suggested a possible candidate for March meeting to consider.
    Reverse Raffle (John Stanley/Sharon Kerechanin) on 3/7/24 at Guy’s Party Center
  • Update on ticket sales seem to be progressing. It is important that all tickets are sold for
    a successful event!
  • Coach Hayes stopped by to confirm his and Top Mac sale of tickets to faculty.
  • M. Oliver shared that “Sunshine Cupcakes” will donate cupcakes for the dinner again
    this year. L. Bond will see that an acknowledgment is printed in the program.
  • Committee members met at the Bond’s home on 1/24 for an organizational/planning
    meeting. Volunteer slots to help still need to be filled for this event.
  • M Bond reminded committee members of scheduled meeting for 2/7 at 11:00 AM. with
    event coordinator, Christine Uhl at Guy’s Party Center. Purpose is to confirm menu,
    timeline, table setup, decorations and other considerations.
  • M. Bond will send letter of gratitude to M. Sasanecki for his $1,000 contribution to the
    Reverse Raffle.
    Scholarship (M. Bond)
  • M. Bond/ L. Bond attended the East CLC faculty meeting on 1/12 to present information
    for 2024 scholarship nominations. They also mentioned the Reverse Raffle date and
    protocol for ticket purchases this year and were well received!
  • M. Bond shared update on renewal of scholarships for this past year. To date, four have
    followed through and were awarded renewal money: 1) Adriana Green (Tri-C in
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography), Dominic Wyne (Stark State -Welding Tech), Justin Cox
    (Wayne State – Finance) and Navion Steadman (Hiram College – previous yr. ’22
  • M. Bond noted that in order for inclusion of scholarship recipients in the APS school
    video, our selection process/awards will need to completed by mid-April. Thus, names
    announced at May’s Recognition Assembly will not be a surprise this year.
    60+ Reunion (J. Stanley/M. Bond) on 6/13/24 at Guy’s Party Center
  • J. Stanley reported on the planning dates for the Community Room at the Tallmadge
    Library. Proposed planning dates (All on Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00 PM.) are as
    follows: 3/13, 4/10, 5/15, and 6/5.
  • M. Bond reported that a photographer has been secured. Denise Zitzmann, who helped
    with last year’s event has agreed for this year.
    Hall of Fame (D. Hoff)
  • Luncheon is scheduled for 4/25 at The Venue Banquet Center in Tallmadge. M. Oliver
    will put event information on our website.
  • D. Hoff has received three reservations to date, with two more expected shortly. Their
    information is needed promptly in order to prepare plaques, etc. Plaques and nameplates
    are to be ordered from Smyth Trophies.
  • D. Hoff will contact Carmen for inductee photographs and Akron Public Schools for
    videotaping later this month.
  • D. Hoff is having difficulty contacting Tom Lantz, who was nominated by S. Thompson
    and M. Lette. Will check with S. Thompson about follow up on contact.
  • V. Derr was contacted by Tina Sykes, widow of last year inductee, concerning her
    husband’s picture and Vicki passed on the inquiry to us for follow up.
    Memorabilia (M. Oliver, L. Bond)
  • M. Oliver and L. Bond have been working as a team, photographing trophies, other
    memorabilia currently in the Alumni Association storage unit.
  • M. Oliver proposed that we concentrate primarily on sale of yearbooks for the upcoming
    Reverse Raffle Memorabilia Table.
  • It was decided that after meeting at Guy’s on 2/7, they would pick up yearbooks currently
    stored at East CLC for that purpose.
    Other Business
  • Concern was expressed by all for S. Thompson’s absence and recuperation.
  • M. Oliver shared with gratitude that M. Anderson has graciously agreed to accept the
    Chair of Membership.
  • M. Oliver announced that the Board position of Vice President remains open, as well as
    Hall of Fame Chair after 2025.
  • M. Oliver reminded us that next month’s meeting is a week later (3/14) due to Reverse
    Raffle event on 3/7.
    With no further business, a motion was made by D. Young and seconded by C. Hayes to adjourn
    at 7:20 PM.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Marsha Bond