East High Hall of Fame

In Honor of Luther D. Smith


he hall of fame at East was proposed in 1967 by then assistant principal, Mike Krino. Having been the football coach for many years before becoming the assistant principle, Mr. Krino was anxious to get recognition for so many students who had preformed so admirably and brought honor to East High. His suggestion took hold with the Class of 1967 who donated money from their class dues to facilitate the creation of a East High Hall of Fame. The concept became a reality in 1968 and was then located in what had originally been the Little Theater behind the auditorium. Trophy cases, wall banners and pictures were all brought into the room and it became the centerpiece for recognizing the achievements of East High Athletes.


t was named for Luther D. Smith, an East High teacher of some 40+ years who came to East just before WWII and who quickly became “Coach” to all. By all, I mean he was the coach for every team East sponsored: football, track, basketball, cross country, swimming, wrestling…everyone. After the war, when our boys came home, more men came into teaching and one by one, Coach’s duties were taken over by these men. Coach Smith, continued to teach history until he retired many years later. After coaching, Coach Smith became “Mr. Spirit” and would always address the student body at pep rallies and was loved by all the students. He never came to the podium without receiving a standing ovation. He is the one who gave East the motto “Sprit Wins”


n 1992, the Hall of Fame was expanded to include anyone associated with East High, who brought honor to the school by way of their achievements in sports, business, community service, or personal accomplishments. It is indeed an impressive group of men and women who are included in the East High Hall of Fame.

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