Akron East High Alumni Association


onations are an important part of what funds the work the Association does. Donations constitute 44% of the over $300,000.00 that the Association has raised since 2003. That number also demonstrates that the Association doesn’t just sit around waiting for money to come in. 56% of that money came from activities like the reverse raffle, Night at the Races, Golf Outings, Vegas Trip Raffles etc. We have sponsored many activities to keep the alumni getting together and having fun together while at the same time raising money to support our mission of helping the kids at East any way that we can: scholarships, athletic equipment, uniforms, program help etc.

We are extremely fortunate to have the close-knit alumni that we have. Professional fundraisers (who we have never used) have commented to us that the kind of support we enjoy is typical of private schools, or small town schools, not city schools. Such was the feeling of inclusion that we felt at East. We were indeed unified in our love of East.


hould you wish to, you may make direct donations of whatever amount you wish to help us help the kids at East. You should also know that there are no paid positions in the Association, all of us work as volunteers trying in our own way to give back to the school that prepared us for going out into the world. We think of the kids at the school as part of our extended family, trying to help however we can so they too can enjoy their time at East and become productive members of our society.

We honor the requests of our donors. You may earmark your donation for Baseball, Honor Society, Band, scholarships, welding, whatever is your passion, and we see to it that the money goes there. Remember too that any donation you make to the Akron East High Alumni Association is tax deductible as a result of our 501 ( c ) (3) status.


ou may send us a check made out to Akron East High Alumni Association c/o East Community Learning Center 80 Brittain Road Akron, Ohio 44305 or hit the donate button below to make your donation electronically. Either way, everyone wins: the kids get the money they need to achieve; you get the opportunity to reach out and help someone. None of us have achieved what we are, without the help of someone else. Being from East, we have stood on the shoulders of giants to reach the heights that we have attained.

What do we do with the money?


ince inception in 2004, the East High Alumni Association has delivered over $271,000.00 in support to East High Students, teachers, programs, sports and administration. $73,000.00 of that was in scholarships. The balance includes the following programs.

We did not do this alone; all of the money came from donations and fundraisers. Our success is because of your generosity.

We Thank You for Your Support!

Should you wish, you may make a donation to the Alumni Association and ear mark it for a particular use.