Alumni Association May Minutes

Akron East High Alumni Association, Inc.

Minutes: May 2, 2024

Attending:  Michelle Anderson, Larry Bond, Marsha Bond, Chuck Hayes, David Hoff, Sharon Kerechanin, Ken Larson, Mike Oliver

Absent:  Marcia Gantz, Rochelle Henderson, Mike Nickolich, Walter Noland, Janet Stanley, John Stanley, Sally Thompson

President M. Oliver called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.

Secretary’s Report (M. Bond substituting for S. Thompson)

D. Hoff moved and C. Hayes seconded, accepting the April minutes as presented.

Treasurer’s Report (L. Bond) Financial Report – All PNC accounts reconciled on Quicken and Excel 2024 Budget Sheet updated for all expenses and incomes by category.

Checking Account Beginning Balance: $10,592.92. Final Balance: $7,359.22

  • Major Expenses: $2,310 HOF luncheon cost. Football Fund: $1,396.08 (Various items)
  • Major Income: $290.00 Dues

Money Market Account. Beginning Balance: $64,328.57 Final Balance: $64,552.25

  • Major Expenses: None
  • Major Income: $223.68 interest

Communications (M. Oliver)

  • M. Oliver stated the April Board Meeting Minutes were posted on our website.
  • M. Oliver shared that alumnus Deb McCurry, owner of “Sunshine Cupcakes” is recipient of May’s “Spirit Wins” recognition. 
  • M. Oliver plans to meet with L. Bond to revise online membership form.   

Reverse Raffle (John Stanley/Sharon Kerechanin)

  • Tentative date for 2025 Reverse Raffle is targetedfor Thursday, March 6, 2025.
  • S. Kerechanin reported that there has been no further response from Greek Orthodox Church as a possible venue. 
  • S. Kerechanin has been in communication with Chris at Guy’s Party Center, who is holding that date open and quoted $42 per person. Board members agreed to leave set menu (appetizers/buffet with carved beef) as in the past but requested clarification on difference between gold and silver bar costs.  It was also agreed that ice cream dessert would not be included. Members prefer to give “Sunshine Cupcakes” the dessert business and recognition in the future.  Sharon will follow up with Christine.  Final vote was shelved for June meeting.

Scholarship (M. Bond)

  • M. Bond expressed gratitude to those members of scholarship committee who evaluated/ranked all 17 applicants: M. Anderson, M. Bond, K. Larson, M. Nickolich and M. Oliver.  Their observations/comments were insightful and greatly appreciated.
  • M. Bond shared brief summary of the rubric/ranking process that was followed to obtain final results.  Those results were charted on paper and poster for those present.
  • As a result, it was agreed and voted on for 15 recipients to receive a total of $39,000 in scholarship aid.  M. Oliver proposed to accept and M. Anderson seconded.  Any remaining funds will be held for potential renewals in January, 2025.
  • V. Derr has requested that we send names of those rejected to be considered for an endowment that she is aware of through the school.
  • M. Bond and M. Anderson will announce/present the 15 scholarship awards at the upcoming East CLC Senior Award Ceremony on Wednesday, May 22 at 8:00 AM.

60+ Reunion (J. Stanley/M. Bond) on 6/13/24 at Guy’s Party Center (10th Anniversary)

  • M. Bond stated that next planning meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 5/15 at 1:00 Tallmadge Library.  Primary focus will be on setting/editing the program to be printed by APS and job assignments for the day of event. 
  • M. Bond shared that reservations are beginning to come in. 
  • NOTE:  As in the past, there is no cost for Board members but need to know their menu selection if planning to attend.  There is also no charge for incoming “preview class” of ’65 and their table of 8.
  • Final planning date for committee work is scheduled for 6/5 from 1-3:00 PM at Talmadge Library (if needed).

Hall of Fame (D. Hoff); held on 4/25 at the Venue Banquet Center in Tallmadge

  • D. Hoff thanked alumni who helped at the event: S. Kerchannin, M. Anderson, C. Hayes, K. Larson, L. Bond and M. Bond.
  • D. Hoff confirmed there104 in attendance, the most ever.
  • Having a division of alphabet on check-in helped move attendees smoothly, in addition to a separate nametag table inside the dining room.
  • D. Hoff reported that W. Noland surprised us with video capability by East CLC of all inductees. It will be shown to current student body as a source of future inspiration. 
  • D. Hoff was Master of Ceremonies for the last time this year.  M. Bond expressed appreciation from the entire Board on D. Hoff’s dedication and leadership over the years.
  • C. Hayes and K. Larson will provide leadership for this event next year.
  • Name plates for the new 2024 inductees were put up following the meeting in the designated East CLC hallway.

Membership (M. Anderson)

  • M. Anderson, presented a very thorough summary of current membership info available to her from J. Stanley (2016-’18) and L. Bond (2022-’24).
  • M. Anderson requested that we look over the compiled list and report back to her any deceased, etc. for greater accuracy. 
  • M. Anderson has also posted info on

Memorabilia (M. Oliver, L. Bond)

  • M. Oliver stated that he is behind on updating current events page and will make an effort to do so.
  • K. Larson questioned the status/whereabouts of framed past principal photos that hung in the old East High (Goodyear Jr.). No one had any knowledge of the fate of those photographs.

Other Business

  • M. Anderson heard back from S. Summers on the status of Linda Theatre/Café Rewind liqueur application.  He admitted that it’s a slow process but he continues to work on securing a license.  A possible fundraiser is on hold for now.
  • L. Bond shared his frequent use of database on website and proposed putting it out on a secure google account for selected Board members future use with a designated iPad for this purpose only.  L. Bond will investigate further and report back.

With no further business, a motion was made by Ken Larson and seconded by Chuck Hayes to adjourn at 8:00 PM.