Board Meeting December Minutes

Akron East High Alumni Association, Inc.

Minutes:  December 7, 2023

Attending:  Michelle Anderson, Larry Bond, Marsha Bond, Chuck Hayes, Sharon Kerechanin, Ken Larson, Mike Oliver, Janet Stanley, John Stanley, Sally Thompson

Absent:  Rochelle Henderson, David Hoff, Marcia Martz, Mike Nickolich, Walter Noland, Don Young

President M. Oliver called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Secretary’s Report (S. Thompson)

  • K. Larson moved and C. Hayes seconded accepting the November minutes as written.

Treasurer’s Report (L. Bond)

  • Financial Report
  • Beginning November Balance-checking-PNC                                        $  7.601.89         
  • Income-checking-PNC (memberships)                                                     $     140.00                        
  • Expenses-checking-PNC (storage unit, stamps)                                    $     124.40                                      
  • Ending August Balance-checking-PNC                                                  $  7,617.49
  •  Beginning August Balance-money market-PNC                                  $ 50,439.42     
  • Income-money market-PNC (interest, transfer from checking)      $   1,164.89                                       
  • Expense-money market-PNC                                                                    $            .00                                    
  • Ending August Balance-money market-PNC                                        $ 51,604.31
  • L. Bond reviewed the financial report and budger by category.
  • L. Bond announced a $1,000 donation from Jane Bond for the scholarship fund. 
  • L. Bond reported receiving a request from the Robotics Team for $630 to be used for hoodies.  L. Bond moved and S. Kerechanin seconded that the request be granted; the vote was unanimous.

Communications (M. Oliver)

  • M. Oliver stated the November Board Meeting Minutes were posted on the website as well as on Facebook.
  • M. Oliver asked for nominations for the December “Spirit Wins Award” and suggested B. Falconberry (Administrator of the Facebook page) to receive the Award; membership agreed.
  • M. Oliver will post that B. Falconberry is the December Spirit Wins Award on Facebook and the website.

Reverse Raffle (J. Stanley, L. Bond)

  • J. Stanley reported that tickets for the Reverse Raffle are available tonight.
  • L. Bond reported the tickets were printed at APS print shop for $20.
  • L. Bond explained the process for taking tickets and filling out the forms.
  • L. Bond passed out tickets to be sold to those present.
  • L. Bond announced that planning for the Reverse Raffle will begin in January.

Scholarship (M. Bond)

  • M. Bond announced that there is currently a balance of $12,558.09 in the scholarship fund.
  • M. Bond proposed offering renewals of $1,000 each to those who utilized the scholarships this year.  M. Anderson seconded the proposal and all were in favor.
  • M. Bond stated those applying for renewals would need to supply verification of enrollment, etc.
  • M. Bond announced that a thank you note was sent to J. Bond for her scholarship donation.

60+ Reunion (J. Stanley/M. Bond)

  • M. Bond stated the date is set for Thursday, June 13, 2024 at Guy’s.
  • M. Bond stated she would send proposed dates for the committee meetings to J. Stanley to set up meetings at the Tallmadge Library.
  • M. Bond announced the EHS Class of 1964 will be included this year.

Hall of Fame (D. Hoff)

  • D. Hoff was not present but sent a report that all eight nominees have accepted and will be present at the inductions scheduled for April 25, 2024, at the Venue.

Memorabilia (M. Oliver, L. Bond)

  • L. Bond reported the 1999, 2000 and 2001 yearbooks have been scanned and are live on the website.
  • L. Bond and M. Oliver picked up memorabilia at ECLC which contained some very interesting old items, trophies, etc. 
  • L. Bond announced that one item, a Dom Patella Award, has an interested party who wishes to donate $225 for it.  The idea is to sell the other items by posting pictures on the website, as well as selling the old yearbooks, 
  • M. Anderson suggested holding a silent auction at the Reverse Raffle for the memorabilia items.

Other Business

  • M. Anderson reported she has left multiple messages for the new owner of the Linda Theater with no response, and that she would continue to pursue.
  • A discussion followed regarding the continued absence of two board members.  M. Oliver asked S. Thompson to email M. Martz and R. Henderson to inquire as to their interest in continuing on the Board.
  • A discussion also followed regarding the election dates of the Trustees.  S. Thompson will consult the Constitution for this information and report at the next meeting.

With no further business, a motion was made by C. Hayes and seconded by K. Larson to adjourn at 7:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted by,

Sally Thompson, Secretary