April Board Meeting Minutes

Akron East High Alumni Association, Inc.

Minutes: April 6, 2023

Attending: Michelle Anderson, Larry Bond, Marsha Bond, Chuck Hayes, David Hoff, Sharon Kerechanin, Chuck Malivuk, Mike Nickolich, Mike Oliver, Sally Thompson, Don Young

Absent: Rochelle Henderson, Marcia Martz, Janet Stanley, John Stanley, Walt Noland

President C. Malivuk called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.

· C. Malivuk announced that Michelle Anderson has agreed to join the Board of Directors as Trustee #10.

· C. Malivuk passed out an updated Board of Directors and Trustee List for all to review and add corrections if needed.

Secretary’s Report (S. Thompson)

· D. Young moved and S. Kerechanin seconded accepting the March minutes as written.

Treasurer’s Report (L. Bond)

· Financial Report

o Beginning March Balance $51,573.01

o Income: Reverse Raffle, Memberships, Donations $18,491.66

o Expenses: Storage Unit, Reversal Raffle Expenses, HoF Expenses,

60+ Expenses, DECA $ 9,495.62

o Ending March Balance $60,569.05

· L. Bond reviewed the financial report by category.

· L. Bond announced the profit from the 2023 Reverse Raffle is $10,853.28.

· L. Bond stated the website is initiating memberships to the Alumni Assn being sent in.

· C. Hayes initiated a discussion on the possible need to convert monies into CD’s. L. Bond stated he would investigate this since the interest rates are now higher.

· L. Bond announced there is currently just over $30,000 in the scholarship fund with carryover dollars from last year.

Communications (M. Oliver)

· M. Oliver reported that the following was posted on the website: a thank you to Alumni for donations, a thank you to Sunshine cupcakes for its donation to the Reverse Raffle, information on the Hall of Fame inductions, as well as the March Alumni Board Meeting minutes.

· M. Anderson reported she was able to obtain nine bowling balls from Spin Bowls and deliver them to ECLC.

· D. Young reported he personally called the Norton’s on behalf of the Alumni Association to thank them for donation of the softball mitts.

Reverse Raffle (J. Stanley, L. Bond)

· As previously reported, the 2023 Reverse Raffle profited over $10K.

· S. Kerechanin stated some attendees missed having the gift baskets this year and a discussion followed. This will be considered for next year.

Scholarship (M. Bond)

· M. Bond thanked those who have volunteered for the committee and reviewed the procedure for the new and more specific scoring system of the applicants and then passed out packets for the scoring process to the committee members present.

· M. Bond announced there are 16 applicants for scholarships this year (the most ever).

· M. Bond reported that the Senior Recognition Assembly will be May 24 in the ECLC Auditorium. The Scholarships will be announced at the assembly, and the recipients will not know of the scholarship being awarded until that time.

· M. Bond announced the scholarship committee consists of the following members: M. Anderson, L. Bond, M. Bond, S. Kerechanin, C. Malivuk, J. Stanley and S. Thompson.

· M. Bond explained that the amounts to be given to each recipient will be decided at the May Alumni Board Meeting.

60+ Reunion (J. Stanley/M. Bond)

· M. Bond reported that the next committee meeting will be held April 12, 2023, and she is expecting more class representatives at this meeting.

· M. Bond stated the upcoming meeting will consist of a brief overview and stuffing envelopes with invitations and reservations forms.

· M. Bond reported the invitations will go first class so incorrect addressed ones will be returned (the mailing is being done by the committee since the mailing company has gone out of business).

· M. Bond announced a meeting was held with Christine at Guy’s this week to discuss photography, table sizes, total amount the room will hold, and confirmation of the menu.

· M. Bond discussed the different options for photographing this year and the possibility of using an IPhone vs. a professional photographer. S. Thompson is researching prices for professional photographers.

· S. Kerechanin states she knows a photographer who may be able to assist in this process.

· Members of the Alumni Board who assist with the 60+ Reunion will be guests for lunch.

Hall of Fame (D. Hoff)

· D. Hoff reported reviewed the details of the date, time and place for the event and asked anyone assisting to arrive at 11 a.m.

· D. Hoff thanked L. Bond and M. Oliver for their assistance with the program.

· D. Hoff announced Carmen Studios as the photographer for this event.

· D. Hoff received a response from APS and Ryan Rittenhouse will be agreed to do the videography.

· D. Hoff stated the ECLC ROTC will present colors, and he invited Top Mac and the students to stay for lunch as guests.

· D. Hoff announced that M. Howley will be the first inductee (rather than alphabetically as in the past) since the the General of the Ohio National Guard is attending on M. Howley’s behalf and may need to exit prematurely.

· D. Hoff has obtained the name plates and plaques. It was decided not to have boutonnieres and corsages this year.

· D. Hoff sent a request to Reverend Fowler to do the invocation but has not had a response. D. Hoff asked M. Nickolich if he would fill in for this duty if needed and M. Nickolich accepted.

· M. Oliver agreed to assist with the greeting and introductions.

· D. Hoff asked for volunteers to take money at the door; S. Kerachanin offered to assist. L. Bond and M. Bond will bring a cash box for this purpose.

· M. Bond announced scholarship cards will be on the tables and membership forms at the check-in table.

· C. Malivuk thanked D. Hoff for his hard work in planning this event.

Memorabilia (M. Oliver, L. Bond)

· L. Bond and M. Oliver met again to work on revising and updating the Hall of Fame List for the website. L. Bond will take pictures of the Hall of Fame Wall at ECLC to assist in this process which should be finished in 2 to 3 months.

· L. Bond discussed his phone call to the Ohio Genealogical Society regarding their collection of yearbooks. L. Bond will be making a trip to Belleville to donate some yearbooks as well as research if there are any the Association may need from the Alumni Association.

Other Business

· M. Nickolich reported attending the play Aladdin at ECLC and his disappointment in the production with lack of costumes, adequate microphones, and attendance. M. Nickolich asked if the Alumni Association might assist the Music Department with funds necessary to assist with these inadequacies. M. Oliver agreed to contact the Music Department to determine if the Association could be of support in these areas.

· C. Malivuk asked for any further business with none being raised.

With no further business, a motion was made by M. Oliver and seconded by M. Anderson to adjourn at 7:42 pm.