January Alumni Minutes

Akron East High Alumni Association

Minutes:  January 6, 2023

Attending:  Larry Bond, Marsha Bond, Chuck Hayes, Sharon Kerechanin, Chuck Malivuk,  Mike Oliver, John Stanley, Don Young

Absent:  Rochelle Henderson, Marcia Martz, Mike Nickolich, Walt Noland, Janet Stanley, Sally Thompson

President C. Malivuk called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm.

  • C Malivuk welcomed guests Chuck Hayes and Sharon Kerechanin.  Both paid for Alumni Association memberships before the meeting.

Secretary’s Report (S. Thompson)

  • M. Oliver moved and L. Bond seconded accepting the December minutes as written.

Treasurer’s Report (L. Bond)

  • Financial Report
  • Beginning December Balance                $44,062.63
  • Income:  $4,827.49
  • Expenses: $95.00
  • Ending December Balance. $48,795.12
  • L. Bond reviewed the financial report by category.
  • L. Bond reported a $500 donation from class of ’72 for the support of non-revenue sports.
  • L. Bond reported $3,500 donations for scholarships.

Committee Reports:

Communications (M. Oliver)

  • M. Oliver continues to work with L. Bond on additions/updates to Alumni Association website.  
  • M. Oliver routinely posts minutes of our monthly meeting to website only.
  • After acknowledgement of scholarship contribution from ’72 class on website, class of ’73 expressed interest to challenge by raising $5,000 to contribute!
  • M. Oliver posted Reverse Raffle flyer on both our website and on Facebook.

Reverse Raffle (John Stanley)

  • L Bond passed out list of ticket sales to date for tracking.
  • J. Stanley will check with Top Mac and Coach Hayes for East CLC staff participation.
  • It was confirmed that ten $50 gift cards will be purchased for $500 rather than gift baskets this year.  Discussion followed and  S. Kerechanin volunteered to purchase them from a variety of stores. 
  • Cost of dinner only ticket is to be $50.  M. Bond will label those tickets to include “open bar”.  
  • L. Bond will chart jobs and those assigned to them for next meeting.

Scholarship (M. Bond)

  • M. Bond mailed out 7 letters to apply for $1,000 renewal awards from 2022 recipients. Two recipients have followed through and received awards for second semester to date.  
  • M. Bond hopes to attend “Project Grad” meeting, an East CLC senior seminar class led by M. Futch, in January to further inform students of scholarship opportunities available through the Alumni Association.  She also hopes to attend full faculty meeting in February for the same purpose.
  • Info on scholarship nominations, protocol and timeline will be sent out to both counselors, M.Futch and principal W. Noland by the end of January.  At this time, it is unknown how a potential APS strike will affect and alter scholarship timeline.
  • M. Bond will send letters of gratitude to two recent scholarship fund contributors.

60+ Reunion  (J. Stanley/M. Bond)

  • The next 60+ reunion is scheduled for June 15, 2023 at Guy’s Party Center.
  • J Stanley will reserve community room in the Tallmadge library for monthly committee meetings beginning in March, when permitted to do so in February.  

Hall of Fame (D Hoff)

  • Date of event has been set for April 20th at The Venue.
  • C. Hayes inquired about past nomination procedures for possible CODA applicants and a discussion followed.

Memorabilia (M. Oliver/L. Bond)

  • L. Bond reported that 17 yearbooks have now been uploaded onto our website.  He will call Vicky Derr to schedule a time to do an inventory of yearbooks still stored at East CLC.  
  • M. Oliver and L. Bond meet regularly to update and refine the alumni website.

Other Business

  • Larry checked into nonprofit status with the Post Office, which we already have but were unaware of!

With no further business, a motion was made by D. Young and seconded by M. Oliver to adjourn at 8:10 pm.  Our next regularly scheduled meeting is on Thursday, February 2nd at 6:00 pm. in East CLC library.

Respectfully submitted,

Marsha Bond