Alumni May Meeting Minutes

Akron East High Alumni Association, Inc.

Minutes: May 4, 2023

Attending: Michelle Anderson, Larry Bond, Marsha Bond, Chuck Hayes, David Hoff, Sharon Kerechanin, Chuck Malivuk, Mike Oliver

Absent: Rochelle Henderson, Marcia Martz, Mike Nickolich, Walter Noland, Janet Stanley, John Stanley, Sally Thompson, Don Young

President C. Malivuk called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

· C. Malivuk shared that secretary Sally Thompson’s absence was due to death in family.

· M. Bond agreed to record meeting minutes.

Secretary’s Report

· C. Malivuk moved and D. Hoff seconded accepting the April minutes as written.

Treasurer’s Report (L. Bond)

· Financial Report

o Beginning April Balance $60.569.05

o Ending April Balance $61,560.31

· L. Bond reviewed the financial report by category. He expressed frustration with Huntington account requirements and proposed changing to PNC later in summer.

· L. Bond shared financial results from the 2023 Hall of Fame event.

· L. Bond confirmed there is $30,000 in scholarship fund for 2023 awards.

· L. Bond introduced funding request of $225.00 (Additional $100 they would raise) from Sarah Kramer for 90 middle school students having completed academic requirements to attend Canal Park Rubber Ducks Game. Funding is needed 5/15/23. Request was voted on and approved unanimously.

Communications (M. Oliver)

· M. Oliver reported that April Alumni Board Meeting minutes were posted on the website, as well as thank you to George Crosier for bowling donation.

· M. Oliver will also post HOF videos of recent inductees from David Hoff.

· While there has been an increase in alumni association memberships, flyers need to be given out at every sponsored event for support.

· M. Anderson suggested that greater awareness for potential retirement gifting for scholarship is needed. Discussion followed on how best to bring attention to this. M. Oliver will help to communicate awareness of possible “minimum distribution seeds” at 60+ event.

Reverse Raffle (J. Stanley, L. Bond)

· No report

Scholarship (M. Bond)

· M. Bond thanked the scholarship committee for their diligent work on the evaluations of 16 applicants: M. Anderson, L. Bond, M. Bond, S. Kerechanin, C. Malivuk, M. Nickolich and S. Thompson.

· M. Bond passed out individual spreadsheet results of the applicants group rankings and supplied a chart as well. Results sorted into 4 distinct groups and temporary amounts were assigned to begin group discussion on.

· M. Anderson shared recent research on current costs of both college and trade school per credit hour to enlighten us on increases.

· It was discussed and decided to award only the top 12 recipients rather than all 16. This year’s two top awards to be $3,000 each; second group of six to receive $2,200 and third group of four to receive $1,800 each. It was voted upon and passed unanimously.

· Any remaining or unclaimed money will be reserved for renewals later in year.

· M. Bond reported that the Senior Recognition Assembly is on May 24 in the ECLC Auditorium. She will present the formal letters of awards to the 12 recipients at that time. Board members are welcome to attend.

· M. Oliver introduced that wife Julie is on the Building Industry, HBH Charity Board. They are looking to support scholarship funding especially in the trade industry. Discussion followed and it was decided to pursue those interests for East CLC students in the future.

60+ Reunion (J. Stanley/M. Bond)

· M. Bond acknowledged missing the Stanleys for 60+ planning meetings, along with dear Sharon Hall.

· M. Bond reported on a great turnout for April 12th meeting; 27 were present and stuffed 1600+ mailings for alumni reunion on June 15th. Worked from 1-4:00 p.m. at Tallmadge Library!

· M. Bond reported that the next committee meeting will be held May 10, 2023. That meeting will concentrate on two tasks: Getting program ready for print and crucial job sign-ups for the reunion event.

· M. Bond announced that a photographer, Denise Zitzmann Photography, for event has been secured. Agreement was made for following partnership: 1) She will provide equipment/set up/photos for 4 formal class photos with 3-4 candid shots ($480 including tax for 3 hrs. work). 2) Denise will put photos on Flash Drive and give to Larry/Marsha Bond who will label, print and mail out to respective alumni.

· M. Bond shared that members of the Alumni Board who assist with the 60+ Reunion, are to be guests for lunch. Approximately 133 confirmed paid reservations have been received to date. Reservation deadline is June 1st.

Hall of Fame (D. Hoff)

· C. Malivuk recapped and everyone thanked D. Hoff for his hard work in planning this event.

· D. Hoff shared that four nominees have already been submitted for 2024. The nomination form is posted on our website to complete.

· M. Oliver sent videos of current inductees to W. Noland and V. Derr.

· L. Bond suggested that Terry Golden of East CLC Media Resource Center also be sent a copy of 2023 HOF video to encourage students.

Memorabilia (M. Oliver, L. Bond)

· L. Bond has taken pictures of the Hall of Fame Wall at ECLC to assist in updating the list for website.

· L. Bond reported that ’78 yearbook is now online and ’74 is almost done. He has discovered that Summit County also has a yearbook collection. L. Bond will contact.

· L. Bond received a 1938 Special Issue of Caravan. He believes that between 1927-1939, Caravans supplanted the printing of yearbooks probably due to the depression.

Other Business

· Sharon Kerechanin raised concern for the upcoming Golf Outing 8/26 at Mayfair on the sale of drinks by the Alumni Association. Sharon shared that last year too many coolers were brought in, which decreased the profit of sales for us. Chuck will follow up with Fred Silvey.

With no further business, a motion was made by M. Oliver and seconded by S. Kerechanin to adjourn at 7:55 pm