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Luther D. Smith

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The hall of fame at East was proposed in 1967 by then assistant principal, Mike Krino. Having been the football coach for many years before becoming the assistant principle, Mr. Krino was anxious to get recognition for so many students who had preformed so admirably and brought honor to East High. His suggestion took hold with the Class of 1967 who donated money from their class dues to facilitate the creation of a East High Hall of Fame. The concept became a reality in 1968 and was then located in what had originally been the Little Theater behind the auditorium. Trophy cases, wall banners and pictures were all brought into the room and it became the centerpiece for recognizing the achievements of East High Athletes.

It was named for Luther D. Smith, an East High teacher of some 40+ years who came to East just before WWII and who quickly became “Coach” to all. By all, I mean he was the coach for every team East sponsored: football, track, basketball, cross country, swimming, wrestling…everyone. After the war, when our boys came home, more men came into teaching and one by one, Coach’s duties were taken over by these men. Coach Smith, continued to teach history until he retired many years later. After coaching, Coach Smith became “Mr. Spirit” and would always address the student body at pep rallies and was loved by all the students. He never came to the podium without receiving a standing ovation. He is the one who gave East the motto “Sprit Wins”

In 1992, the Hall of Fame was expanded to include anyone associated with East High, who brought honor to the school by way of their achievements in sports, business, community service, or personal accomplishments. It is indeed an impressive group of men and women who are included in the East High Hall of Fame.

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Current East High Hall of Fame

yr grad
Last Name
First Name
Yr. Ind.
Honored for
43 Akins James E 2001 Foreign Affairs/ Ambaddador Saudi Arabia
65 Anger George 2003 JROTC Program
94 Arnold DPM Tom (Jenny) 2004 Medicine
45 Artis Donald (Joyce) 2008 Shipping Business/VP Mersk Line
53 Averiett Benny Football
51 Bambakidis Kiki 2008 Research Scientist USFDA
65 Bard Elizabeth 2006 Psychology/Bd. Of Ed. Akron Oh
64 Beal Marvin 2000 Football,baseball,coaching
77 Beasley Damon 2000 Football
92 Bentley MD Dennis (Heather) 2008 Medicine/ Urology
49 Berry Clarence (Faye) 2003 Alumni Services, School Directory
52 Berry PHD Sheila 2006 Education Prof.
73 Bolden James 1992 Football
65 Bond JD Hon. Jane 1992 Law Judge
64 Bond PHD Larry (marsha) 2004 biosciences Master Scientist Quest Diag
49 Boxler Robert track
65 Breedlove Houston (Gail) 1996 Football, Basketball
42 Brown Lodrick Track
59 Brubach Bruce E. (Bev) 1999 Wrestling, Coaching
57 Brubach Dave (Joan) 1997 wrestling, coaching
51 Bryant William (Nancy) 2006 business community development
62 Buckner Mike 1992 all around athletics
66 Butz Dave 2009 education Principal
63 Cabe Bob 1998 track cross country
63 Cabe Joe 1998 track cross country
77 Cahill Paul 1993 achievement
64 Calderone Andrew 1997 coaching
53 Cash Wayman
45 Cramer Williard 1995 basketball football track baseball
65 Cunningham Paul (Connie) 2003 annual golf outings
51 Dahlgren Bill (Audrey) 2007 business, CEO, Airtech International
41 Davis Corviss "Corvi" track
78 Davis III Walter L 2001 wrestling
Davison Betty Jo 2016 Added Medical evaluation to Head Start Nationally
57 DeBose Charles 2016 Author, Prof. Emeritus Ca. State U. East Bay
62 Dingle Rodney 1992 Football, basketball track
56 Dingle Tommy Football, basketball track
65 Eisenrath PHD Polly Young (Ed Epstein) 2004 psychology, author
45 Ensworth John (Judith) 2002 National Teacher of the Year 1973
50 Esola Tony Football Track
Faith Linda 1999 Educational Achievement
54 Fowler Rev. Ron Football
54 George DDS Jim 1970 Olympic Weightlifter 56BR 60 Sil
47 George DDS George 1970 Olympic Weightlifter 48S 52G-56
73 Gerstenmaier William (Marsha) 2005 Asso.Director NASA, Mangr Intl Space Station
38 Gill Norma 2001 Enterostomal Therapy
88 Grandison Brian 2002 Football
72 Grimes Arnold 1992 Track
66 Grimes Raymond 1995 Football, basketball track
69 Haidet George 1997 football
77 Hall PHD Sharon 2009 Education APS Gifted and Talented
72 hefner Jack 2016 Pres. United Steel Workers/Rubber Workers, Ward 10
51 Halloman MD Kenneth 2008 Medicine Pathology
47 Holloman MD John 1970 track, Medical Doctor
60 Hoff MD David (Linda) 2003 Family Medicine
70 Ingram James 1994 Music
97 Jackson Anthony 2005 Basketball
51 Jackson Dorothy 1992 Public Service, Deputy Mayor 17 years
49 Jackson Juanita (Wallace) 2006 music
Johnson Maryann 1996 achievement
79 Jones Ted 1998 football baseball basketball
41 Kalmer Art 1994 performing Arts
Keeney Bernie football basketball
40 Kesserling Bruce wrestling
66 King Karen A 1995 Basketball Volleyball
51 King Roy (Sonny) 1995 Football
72 Kolachwski MD Gayleen 1993 Medicine
67 Koroly DO Michael Dentistry
63 Lawler Wilmar "Ski" 2002 Softball
74 Le Barre Mike 1995 Baseball
53 Lee George T. Football Baseball
44 Leighty DVN Jack 2007 Veterinary Medicine USFDA
42 Leighty Fred Football
76 Linger Ron 1996 Football Baseball Athletic Director
80 Long Jonathan R 2000
69 Malivuk John 2002 Business 34 years scorekeeper
80 Marsh Maria 2004 Education
80 Marsh Monica 2004 Education
76 Marsh Douglas 1993 football
51 Mc Cardle Donald (Caroll Lee) 2006 Business, Dance, Community Service
51 Mc Lain Thomas Art
55 Mc Nair DDS Clarence 2007 All American AAU Wrestler Public Service Dentristy
67 MeNeal Neil 2016 Founder EHS Alumni 2003
57 Michael Gene 1970 Baseball New York Yankees Player and Coach
Montgomery Julie 1997
74 Moore Dean 1994 Football
51 Moskovis PHD Michael "Lefty" (Dorothy) 2005 Education, University Acdministration
87 Nicholas Jennifer 1998
63 Nolte Charles H 2005 Hall of Fame Service, Teaching
61 Nolte James W 1996
73 Parson Cornelius 1996 Football Basketball
59 Predel Joe 1998 Football
56 Quinney Ernie Football Track
66 Quirk Neil (Janice) 2009 Education APS Akron Digital Academy
44 Rardin Bernard (Roberta) 2005 Military, Business
67 Radcliff Larry 1995 Football Track
55 Register Rev Donald B Football
58 Reynolds Harry L 1992 Football Basketball
94 Riley Angela 2001 All Around Athletics
91 Robbins Sean 1999 Baseball Track
52 Sapronetti Richard Pole Vaulting
49 Shephard USAF Retired Maj Gen Jack (Norma) 2001 Military Service, Vietnam Vet SAC
49 Rookard RN Gloria 2003 Nursing and Heal Care
67 Shuman Charles 1993 Football
58 Shuman Joe Football Basketball
Smith Bobbie 2003 Hall of Fame Service, Coaching
59 Smith Curby Football
48 Stalnaker Gene (Betty) 2006 Banking and Finance
66 Stanley John 2016 Founder EHS Alumni 2003
63 Steen Daniel (Connie) 2007 Environmental Services
49 Stofsick Kitty 2006 Education Community Service Senior Olympics
65 Taylor Emmett Track
71 Taylor Windslow Track
62 Thompson Frank 1992 Track Basketball
68 Tonies George 2009 Founder EHS Alumni 2003
42 Turner Caroline 1992 Track Basketball
43 Walker Robert 2
51 White PHD Marylou 2008 Children's Literature Author
87 Willett JD Lisa Ann 2005 Law USDJ Washington DC
62 Williams Frank 1992 Track Basketball
Williams Keith 2011 Baseball, softball, auto racing, Senior ball
52 Wilsford PHD James (Helen) 2003 National Superintendent of the year 1988
70 Woods PHD Michael E 2008 Music Arts, Music Composition, Professor
Wylie Gene 1992 Coaching
69 Yovanovich Louis 1994 Football
91 Young Chris 1999 Basketball
55 Young David 1992 Baseball
55 Young Donald 1996 Baseball Education Principal of East
42 Allgood Howard Decessed Track
31 Applebee David Decessed 1970 Basketball
27 Averiett Judd Decessed Football
28 Bell Bill Decessed 1970 Football
30 Bell Horace Decessed 1970 Football
32 Bennett Wes Decessed 1970 Basketball
27 Bergy Nelson Decessed 1970 Football
47 Blair Tom Decessed 2002 Business Community Service
Bracken Herbert Decessed 1995 First African American Teacher APS
47 Conei Tom Decessed 1970 Football
33 Crapo Arden Decessed Gymnastics
45 Davis Gene Decessed 1970 Track
55 Dessart Larry Decessed 1994 coaching, wrestling, track
25 Dyer Clarence Decessed 1970 Basketball Baseball
39 Ellis George Decessed Football Lineman at Colgate University
40 Endress Robert Decessed Basketball Teacher Coach EHS
31 Estey Russ Decessed World Interscholastic Backstroke Champion
34 Fela Andy Decessed 1970 Football
30 Fessler Del Decessed 1970 Football
31 Fontaine Tom Decessed 1970 Football Basketball
41 Goodwill Grover Decessed 1970 Basketball AU Coach, MT Author
47 Harkins Mike Decessed 1970 Wrestling
39 Hubbard Robert Decessed Track Football
45 Jackson Ted Decessed 1970 Football, Co-founder Hall of Fame
32 Krino Michael Decessed Achievement in Law
42 Mahoney Hon Edward Decessed Football Wrestling
36 Maluke Andy Decessed Coaching football baseball
Marshall Dave Decessed Achievement in Real Estate
47 Meadows Frank Decessed 2007 Community Service Mr. East Akron
34 Minson Arthur Decessed 2007 Teaching 1939-1976
Mostenic Mary Decessed Football track
31 Ostervich Edward Decessed Education APS Superintendent
Ott Conrad C Decessed 2001 Football
38 Owen Harold Decessed Coaching Football
Patella Dominic Decessed 1992 Football
43 Pinder Leo Decessed Football Basketball
29 Pokorosky Thomas Decessed Basketball Baseball
49 Pope James Decessed Baseball
52 Sapronetti Richard Decessed Pole Vaulting
49 Schoonover Richard Decessed 1977 Baseball
39 Schoonover Harold Decessed Basketball
38 Serves Sam Decessed 1970 Accounting General Auditor Du Pont
45 Siers Howard Decessed 2006 Hall of Fame Co-founder Coach
Smith Luther D Decessed All Around Athletics
45 Smith Jr. Harley Decessed Military Vietname VET SAC Commander
37 Stewart Dale Decessed Football
25 Suddeth Bill Decessed 1970 Football
47 Sudia Don Decessed 1970 Basketball
37 Thompson Russell Decessed Football Basketball Baseball
68 Vaughn Kenneth Decessed 1994 Football
30 Walker Howard Decessed Swimming
48 Wells Richard Decessed Basketball Military Akron U Coaching
48 Whaley Robert Decessed Inventor Spacesuit
51 Wise Robert Decessed Swimming Manhattan Marathon at 77 years
31 Woodford Dexter Decessed 1970 National AAU Swimming 1935-36
36 Woodling Elwood Decessed 1970 Basketball Baseball Indians Yankees
40 Woodling Gene Decessed


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